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The EGT Project, a division of EATGAFFTAPE LLC, is a collaboration of both technical and administrative knowledge aimed towards the growth and development of paranormal groups in the U.S.  With over 40 years in the audio industry, our combined knowledge of proper audio technique, group management and promotion, we can assist and coach paranormal groups like yours to reach the next level of scientific investigation.


We can teach paranormal investigation teams to learn to use and utilize pro-quality audio gear to not only mic your locations so that your team maximizes their time investment during each investigation but also learn to use software to clarify your valuable Class A and Class B EVP’s.  If your paranormal investigation team is looking for a fun, laid-back, educational experience tuned specifically to bring your group into a new dimension of scientific investigation, contact us.


The EGT Project has also created a Classroom where our Members have unlimited access to all of our teaching materials including guides on Audacity and MIXXX software, marketing your team, social media how-to’s, mic placement diagrams and special discounts on unique fundraising products.


In addition to our seminars and our Classroom, we offer several Services such as on-site monitoring, website design and website hosting.


The EGT Project aims to be THE support group for your paranormal investigation team.  Let us help your team broaden their investigation skill-sets and expertise!