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THE EGT PROJECT offers classes featuring:


– Audacity audio recording and editing software

– Mixxx audio playback software

– Various other recording and editing platforms

– Audio gear training (including consoles, equalizers, wireless & wired mics)

– Static mic placement for investigations

– Gear set-up / tear-down

– Social media marketing for fundraising

– Equipment maintenance & troubleshooting


THE EGT PROJECT team will bring its professional audio equipment to your meeting location and provide our audio engineer to teach your investigation team how to use audio recording, playback and editing software to get the most out of your Class A and Class B EVP’s.  We’ll use your team’s EVP’s for hands-on training to maximize your learning potential.  Your team will also gain even more hands-on experience with our equipment as well as learn how to mic a room for investigational purposes.  Our fee also includes a section with our marketing guru who will assist your team with social media marketing for fundraising as well as selling your team’s brand.


Our team strives to make this a fun, interactive class that is packed full of information that’s tailored specifically for paranormal investigation teams.  As well as snacks and caffeine, our team also brings a sense of humor mixed with professionalism earned only through our combined years of experience in the audio industry.  This is an intense, 6-hour class and we require attendants to possess basic computing and listening skills.


Class fee is based upon geographical location of event with a base fee of $700 plus a minimum of 2 nights in a motel or hotel.  Maximum class size is 10 with a $25 fee for each additional attendant.  50% nonrefundable deposit required 2 weeks prior to event with balance due when THE EGT PROJECT arrives the night prior to the event.  Attendants will be provided with copies of all software on a disc or USB drive and will be required to provide their own PC or laptop in order to use said software.  The EGT Project will transport and provide all additional audio equipment for use during the class.  Clients will provide an event location with a power source for 6-8 hours.


THE EGT PROJECT also offers services including:


A Member’s Area – A paid membership with THE EGT PROJECT grants our Members access to a password-protected area that we’ve loaded with resources. Not only will you find illustrated step-by-step guides that cover our classes on Audacity and MIXXX but we’ve also included an illustrated guide for Twitter set-up and marketing, tutorials about approaching sponsors as well as static mic placement diagrams and video tutorials. Our Members also enjoy special discounts on fundraising items and a Live Chat for tech support – $150.00.

Our clients who purchase on-site training from THE EGT PROJECT receive free access to our Classroom in addition to their on-site class!


Website Design – We can redesign your website and give it a professional, modern look and feel.  Optional features include a Store, a paid Members-area, a Team Biography page and a Blog.  Most of our redesigns cost about $300**Cost includes redesign only, no maintenance is included.  ***We exercise our right to decline all design requests involving red or green spooky font on black backgrounds.


Website Design and Administration Tutorial –  THE EGT PROJECT will redesign your website and teach your web administrators how to update your site.  We’ll show you how to use WordPress so your team can add new content as well as update plug-ins and security to keep your site up-to-date and fresh.  Fee includes website design and a phone/skype tutorial – $500.00On-site tutorial pricing:  Pricing based on location of class.  Contact us for pricing.


Website Updates and Maintenance – We’ll update and maintain your site.  This service includes plug-in additions if requested, plug-in updates, security updates as well as updating your site’s content.  We’ll also recover your site if you crash it.  $25.00/hour with a 2-hour minimum


Web Hosting – Need website hosting?  We can host your site for $10.00 per month.


Social Media Maintenance (including Facebook and Twitter) THE EGT PROJECT can maintain and update your team’s Facebook and Twitter accounts with daily posts.  Just supply us an overview of what you’d like to accomplish with a social media campaign and the appropriate materials including photos, videos and EVP’s!  We’ll do the rest.  Flat fee includes one Twitter or one Facebook post per day for one calendar month (maximize your dollar by linking Twitter and Facebook).  Daily updates:  $400.00 per month with a 1-month commitment.


EVP Clarification THE EGT PROJECT team will utilize professional quality audio equipment including 31-band equalizers and multi-channel mixing consoles to clarify and isolate your EVP recordings.  This is a confidential service; no EVP’s will be stored and used by our team for promotional purposes without written permission from your team.  $15.00 per EVP.


On-Site Audio Recording & Monitoring   THE EGT PROJECT will bring its professional audio equipment to your investigation location, monitor and record your investigation.  Our equipment easily integrates with your existing gear.  All materials gathered during the investigation will be turned over to your team.  This service includes the placement of static mics and corresponding cabling as well as the services of our professional audio engineer who will operate and monitor equipment (including a 31-band equalizer, multi-channel audio console and monitoring speakers) for the duration of your one-night investigation.  Your team must supply a power source and a 12 x 12 weather-proof area to stage our gear.  Fees based upon location of investigation.  Additional monitoring equipment and multi-night investigations are also available for an additional fee.


Access to Pro-Quality Audio Gear Contact us or visit our store for pricing and availability on audio gear that will set your team apart.  We can assist with choosing audio equipment to suit your needs, at your budget.


THE EGT PROJECT can also provide assistance with selecting audio products for your team’s fundraising.