In 1935, the city of Excelsior Springs purchased the rights to 10 natural springs. The Hall of Waters was built in 1936-1937 as part of President Roosevelt’s NEW DEAL for $1 million by the WPA, the Hall of Waters was to be the most complete health resort of its time in the United States, the building also features the worlds longest water bar.

4 natural springs were piped into the buildings bottling and processing plant. The water was then shipped worldwide because of its purported medicinal qualities. The varieties of waters included calcium bicarbonate, a palatable water favored by local residents as a “drinking water,” sodium bicarbonate (soda water), sulfo-saline, and iron manganese.

The resort part of the facility featured an olympic sized swimming pool, Men’s and Women’s bath houses, spa areas and a polio pool

The Nicola Tesla inspired design is a must see for anyone who is a fan of vintage architecture.

Due to its immense paranormal activity The Hall of Waters is also host to guided paranormal tours.